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GalaxyVisions In-House Data Center is one of the very few carrier-neutral premier class data centers in Brooklyn, NY located only 5 minutes from the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel. Our datacenter features 24/7 security with visual ID checks before entering our facility and entrance to the data floor is limited by biometric palm scanners and pass card readers.


GalaxyVisions - Complete Tour

GalaxyVisions was founded in 2003 and is a privately held managed services provider located in the heart of Brooklyn, NY, providing affordable hosting solutions for companies of all types. We supply all of the servers, software, bandwidth, and management tools needed to run almost any web hosted application. From small to enterprise server solutions, GalaxyVisions guarantees to meet or beat the price of any competitor. At GalaxyVisions we are committed to excellent quality service 24/7/365.


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GalaxyVisions – Data Center Overview

GalaxyVisions In-House Data Center is one of the very few carrier-neutral premier class data centers in Brooklyn, NY located only 5 minutes from the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel. Our datacenter features 24/7 security with visual ID checks before entering our facility and entrance to the data floor is limited by biometric palm scanners and pass card readers.


GalaxyVisions Video Tour


GalaxyVisions - Express Tour

Galaxy Visions is the ultimate web hosting company, located minutes from NYC in Brooklyn NY, and featuring an incredible array of services and a 100% uptime guarantee. With super fast fiber optic network speeds, multiple power backups including a UPS and standby generator, professionally installed and thoughtfully organized equipment, and amazing 24/7, 365 days a year service, Galaxy Visions is the best choice for your network hardware location.


GalaxyVisions Video Tour


GalaxyVisions Products and Services

Here at GalaxyVisions we also offer multiple products with competitive pricing lower than most datacenter in the tri-state area. From Dedicated Servers, Virtual Private Servers, Shared Hosting, and even Domain Registration GalaxyVisions is your one stop shop for all your hosting needs.


Products and Services


GalaxyVisions - Security

Security is something that is not taken lightly at GalaxyVisions. We've implemented some of today's most advanced security features such as Key cards to enter the facility at which point you reach our reception area. From there ID's are collected and clients are signed in to the datacenter. A GalaxyVision employee then will take them personally into the datacenter using A biometric reader that not only reads fingerprints, but also scans for pulse also. We have also implemented over 24 CCTV cameras that are on a 60 day recordable feed should any discrepancies occur. In addition to all of this our facility is always manned 24x7x365 via GalaxyVisions senior staff.


Galaxy Security


GalaxyVisions - Network

Here at GalaxyVisions we use only top-notch Cisco equipment making sure our clients are utilizing only the best routers and switches that can be implemented. With multiple tier 1 network providers and specialized bgp4 routing our routers are configured to provide clients with the shortest route to the host. All of our networks are completely redundant and in the event of a failure clients are automatically rerouted to an alternate live path decreasing downtime and keeping our 100% percent uptime guarantee in effect. All of our distribution switches are connected with direct fiber to multiple core routers giving clients the speed and redundancy needed for their highly critical applications. All cabling is done overhead and labeled so administrators don't have to waste time tracing a wire they can simply identify it via labeling of distribution switch and port. This also keeps each rack looking extremely neat and organized so network issues can be resolved in seconds not minutes.


GalaxyVisions Network


GalaxyVisions - Network Cabling

Here at GalaxyVisions we've decided to not utilize the traditional raised floor model as it creates a lot of confusion and makes tracing cables extremely difficult. Instead we have adopted all overhead color coded cabling which is then fed into each rack in an extremely neat and organized manner making it easy for the administrators to locate and trace a cable in record speed. All of our cables are labeled via distribution switch and port so our network engineers can troubleshoot issues with a simple click of a mouse. We also have ample rack space, cages, and cabinets to fit even the most difficult of client configurations. Flexibility is one of our specialties and when a client has a special request we make sure its met and the client is 110% satisfied with the result.


Network Cabling


GalaxyVisions - Power

At GalaxyVisions we take every and all precautions to prevent any disaster that might occur by implementing redundancy in all of our core components that drive our datacenters. From our UPS systems, Power Receptacles which line the racks and each stem from two different energy providers, Two high powered generators and a unique feature; our own power substation, which literally gives us the advantage to provision as much power as we need inside of our datacenter.


Backup Power Source


ColoGuard – Colocation

Over the past few years GalaxyVisions has transitioned itself from just dedicated and VPS environments to serving colocation industry. Our colocation sector has grown extensively over the past 3 years making it one of the largest in the tri-state area. From our 24/7 attentive staff, extremely reliable and redundant tier 1 networks and nt2 power. At GalaxyVisions we offer from quarter racks all the way up to locked cabinets and custom locked cages. Our in house electrician team can provide the client with custom circuits, outlets, and/ or redundant circuits from our multiple feeds that enter our datacenter. We can also provide our clients with direct fiber lines and cross connects tooter 400 ip providers. With this kind of flexibility and competitive rates there really no reason to choose another datacenter for equipment location.


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GalaxyVisions Cooling

This year GalaxyVisions has decided to implement a green technology strategy from servers to cooling. In addition to our four 20 ton air conditioner units, we had recently installed high power exhaust fans and a complex filtration system that allows us to utilize the outside air during the wintertime. Air is brought in through our exhaust systems, passing through industrial strength filtration before cooling the datacenter to extraordinary 58 - 65 degrees F. By using this method it allows us to keep 80 tons of ac units completely off reducing power consumption and I'll effect on the environment.


GalaxyVIsions Cooling


GalaxyVisons Custom Monitoring

Here at GalaxyVisions we have designed built and implemented custom monitoring and client tracking systems which aid our administrators with the facilitation of uptime/downtime reports, client upgrades and all around centralized information regarding each client's specific configuration. Our monitoring system can be configured to monitor just about any variable to do with client hardware or networking such as DB monitoring g, http/https monitoring, ping, disk space, ram, utilization etc. In addition to our administrators receiving alerts based on client defined monitoring requirements; clients themselves can opt to receive alerts via email or SMS if one of the predefined services have failed. Our CRM system let's our administrators track all client hardware from servers to switches identifying their exact configuration down to what distribution switch and port they are connected to. This is extremely beneficial as it gives GalaxyVisions a complete overview of the systems and recommendations can be made such as upgrading hardware components, network speeds, letting the client know what can be added for maximum utilization of their current hardware.


Server Monitoring



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