Billing FAQs

» How and when does GalaxyVisions bill its clients? 
» Billing and bandwidth methods explained
» How do I cancel my GalaxyVisions account?
» Does GalaxyVisions accept PayPal?

How and when does GalaxyVisions bill its clients?

Most GalaxyVisions clients are charged automatically via a credit card on file. We process these charges twice a month. Depending on your sign-up day, you will fall into one of these two cycles. You will be charged on or about the same day every month, weekends excluded.

If you need to pay by check, money order, PayPal or bank wire (for dedicated clients only), please email our billing department. These clients will be emailed an invoice at the beginning of every month. It is the responsibility of the client to submit the payment on time.

Should your credit card be declined, your account will be suspended after 72 hours unless you contact us with updated billing information. It is the client's responsibility to contact the billing department to update information. If you fail to do so within two weeks, your account will be terminated. All checks, money orders, PayPal or wires must be received by the 15th of every month.

Clients are billed in advance for the upcoming billing month. All websites will be suspended after a full cycle of nonpayment. Delinquent account holders will be notified via email and told to contact the billing department.

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Billing and bandwidth methods explained

There are three types of billing methods that Internet hosting providers use to bill dedicated server customers: "95th percentile," "bandwidth-valved" and "per gigabyte." All these methods   have advantages, though we feel that the "95th percentile" method is the most balanced overall.

Let's start with the "per gigabyte" billing. Anyone familiar with "shared server" hosting is likely to be quite familiar with this method. Log files are kept of your Web server activity throughout the month. At the end of the month, you pay a specific charge for each gigabyte of data you transferred.

"Per gigabyte" billing usually includes both your incoming and outgoing data. If you transfer 3,000 gigabytes outgoing and 1,000 gigabytes incoming, then you are billed for a total of 4,000 gigabytes.

The second method is "bandwidth-valved" billing. You select a bandwidth "cap" (usually in increments of 1 megabit per second) and you are restricted from transferring data beyond your "cap." For instance, if you purchased a 20 megabit bandwidth cap then your Web sites are free to transfer as much data as they need up to 20 megabits per second. If you try to transfer beyond 20 megabits per second, then your traffic is throttled so that you cannot break the 20 megabit per second barrier.

"Bandwidth-valved" billing is usually for a full-duplex network connection. This means that if you purchase a 20 megabit per second connection then you can transfer 20 megabits of incoming and 20 megabits of outgoing at the same time.

"95th percentile" billing is a hybrid of  the "per gigabyte" and "bandwidth-valved" methods.  Throughout the month, your incoming and outgoing bandwidth is graphed in 5-minute intervals. Every 5 minutes your transfer is totaled for the previous five minutes and an average transfer rate is derived. From that data a graph is created to show your real-time bandwidth usage.

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How do I cancel my GalaxyVisions account?

Clients are required to submit their account username and password via phone or email prior to the start of their next billing cycle. The reason for cancelling must also be submitted. All cancellations require 30-day notice.

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Does GalaxyVisions accept PayPal?

Yes. Our PayPal account is

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