Should Your Startup Spring For A VPS?

Posted by Administrator on 01/14 at 08:00 AM

Truth be told, even if you’re exclusively using your host to support a website, there are some cases where you’ll need a virtual private server over a shared hosting account.

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5 Benefits of Using Dedicated Servers

Posted by Administrator on 05/09 at 05:51 PM

While there are many hosting solutions available to companies who are just starting, especially cheaper priced shared hosting solutions, dedicated servers are definitely the right answer for your growing business if you already have or plan to have significant traffic. Here are 5 benefits of having your own dedicated hosting plan.

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Is a linux VPS right for you?

Posted by Administrator on 05/02 at 01:25 PM

Are you more Microsoft or are you more Linux? Not sure which software platform to build your web empire on? Here are 5 reasons we think a Linux VPS is the right choice for your business

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5 Web Hosting Tips For Finding Affordable Plans

Posted by Administrator on 04/26 at 10:21 AM

Affordable web hosting. In this day and age that can sometimes sound like either an oxymoron or a bad experience waiting to happen. Fortunately there are things you can do to protect yourself from a bad hosting experience, while still pinching a few pennies along the way. Here is some practical advice we recommend when evaluating the right affordable web hosting partner for you or your brand

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How to Install VSFTP on your CentOS 6.5 Server

Posted by Administrator on 04/19 at 11:18 AM

VSFTP is one of the most used Linux based ftp clients for web servers that enables easy uploading and downloading of files using a desktop based FTP client. For any serious web development project, the need to upload files, pictures, videos and other graphic elements is really a must. If you're starting on a brand new VPS server, then no FTP server is going to be installed by default. Here is how to install VSFTP on your Linux VPS.

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Managed Servers - 4 Reasons It’s Right For Your Business

Posted by Administrator on 04/11 at 03:20 PM

Is your hosting solution mission critical to your business? Whether your business primarily operates online or not, a consistent online presence is often more valuable than some business owners think.

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What Is Cloud Server Hosting?

Posted by Administrator on 04/04 at 09:57 PM

While the true origin of the term ‘the cloud’ is unknown, most modern IT experts would agree that Cloud Computing can generally be described as computing that occurs across a large number of computers connected through a network, where typical resource management has been moved from the hardware layer to the software layer, providing high fault tolerance and incredible performance possibilities.

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INFOGRAPHIC - The World In Pixels

Posted by Administrator on 03/31 at 04:38 PM

What if everything were measured in pixels? Here's an infographic that does just that.

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How To Configured Apache, PHP 5+ & MySql on Centos 6.5

Posted by Administrator on 03/28 at 10:17 PM

Need help getting your web empire started? This tutorial shows you step by step how to install Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP on CentOS 6.5.

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The 25 Most Important Days In Computing

Posted by Administrator on 03/27 at 03:51 PM

From the 1800's to modern times, few inventions have impacted the human race so significantly as the Computer. Since then, countless technologically enabled innovations have fueled the explosive growth of knowledge, discovery, comfort, and convienence for the human race.

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