Business Continuity Planning | We Can Help!

Bad things happen every day to businesses, their servers and their networks. Some companies don't plan for worst-case scenarios and struggle for months to recover from a single event, if they ever do. Others have taken the time to plan and know exactly what to do. They not only survive but thrive in the face of adversity.

Are you prepared?

GalaxyVisions' Business Continuity Planning Solutions can help your organization develop a plan or assess your existing preparations. With more than a decade of experience, GalaxyVisions' team of consultants will help you create and implement an affordable plan that will help you minimize or avoid revenue loss, protect mission-critical data and reduce downtime. We've worked in a variety of industries and can help you implement strategies for disaster recovery, real-time data protection, off-site data storage solutions and more.  

The ability of an organization to recover from a disaster is directly related to the degree of business continuity planning that has taken place before the disaster. Research shows that two out of five businesses that experience a disaster will go out of business within five years of the event.

Contact GalaxyVisions today before it's too late.

GV Strategy

GalaxyVisions' revolutionary strategy focuses on simplicity and efficiency throughout the process of defining a viable and affordable business continuity plan. You can count on our consultants to:

  • Deliver straightforward information and advice
  • Identify the best suppliers and tools to implement the plan
  • Implement the plan in the most efficient way
  • Provide easy-to-understand supporting documentation
  • Help your organization adopt and maintain sound continuity practices

GalaxyVisions uses proprietary risk analysis and risk management methodologies, which have proven successful across multiple implementations. With these tools, an organization can assess and prioritize specific risks faced by each department in the event of a disaster. GV consultants identify critical business processes and work with the organization to establish priorities and time scales for recovery.

The organization then identifies its preferred options for achieving recovery in the event of each type of failure. GalaxyVisions will compile and analyze data on all possible scenarios and simulate how they will impact the organization's people, processes, IT and communications services and locations.

Once the organization agrees on a business continuity strategy, a focused, business-specific plan is developed. It will not only encompass the organization's overall strategy and business recovery concerns but also detail various responsibilities for disaster scenarios.

Our goal is not to prevent disasters. It's to protect you when they happen. Working with GalaxyVisions Business Continuity Solutions, your business will:

  • Reduce or avoid ruinous revenue losses
  • Protect your mission-critical data by leveraging our infrastructure and support services
  • Reduce downtime and increase employee productivity
  • More quickly and cost-effectively resume business and employee activities

One Size Doesn't Fit All

GalaxyVisions' Business Continuity Planning consultants understand that every industry and every business are different. An effective plan must be customized for each customer and the organization's goals. That means answering the question, "To continue operations in a disaster, what systems must be functioning?" Using your priorities and time frames, GV consultants will help you determine what servers, functions and sites are truly mission critical, whether it's applications, voice communication or the data network.

GV also recognizes that different organizations face different types of risk ranging from hackers and cyber terrorists to natural and man-made disasters. GalaxyVisions will help you develop a plan both for the most likely scenarios but, at the same time, will be flexible enough to cover even the least expected event.

The Process

The diagram below shows one of GalaxyVisions' solutions. Each day, snapshots of the customer's data and servers are taken and stored on the local Data Protection Unit. Data also is transmitted to an offsite data center via SSL Encryption. If there's a disaster declaration, the customer's snapshots, applications and data are restored to standby servers. The business, per its requirement, will be back online within its required recovery time.

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