HA Clusters | 24/7/365 On-Site Support

Enterprise-class hosting requires that systems be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Any downtime will result in lost sales, frustrated customers and inconvenienced users. That's why GalaxyVisions has created a highly available (HA) cluster solution that will keep your services running even when one of your servers isn't.

GalaxyVisions' HA cluster is a load-balancing solution that involves connecting two servers together. They are essentially redundant resources: If one fails, the other seamlessly picks up the workload without any interruption to your users. Two options are available for configuring an HA cluster:

  • Dual Active: In this mode, both servers share the workload all of the time. If one fails, the other picks up the additional work.
  • Hot Standby: Only one server handles workload until there's a problem. When that occurs, the second server, which is a mirror of the first, goes online and picks up the workload.

Regardless of the mode, GalaxyVisions uses several tools to monitor servers for problems and trigger the failover when needed. Other tasks also run, including isolation/recovery and notification.

GalaxyVisions' HA Cluster solution is designed to take real-time action to resolve real-time unexpected events. It's a cost-effective and highly efficient solution for mission-critical applications where every second of downtime can result in lost business opportunities. GalaxyVisions' HA Cluster solution is used today for customers who host email, point-of-sale, claims processing, online banking, relational databases and other transaction-heavy servers. 

GalaxyVisions HA (High Availability) Cluster Solution




  • Automatic Detection: Two or more servers continuously monitor each other for failure and other unexpected events. If one fails, the other automatically takes over without any interruption to your business or customers.
  • Automatic Switchover: When a problem is detected, recovery routines fire off immediately. If the problem can't be resolved automatically, operations are seamlessly switched to another server.
  • Automatic Recovery: Once the problem is resolved, the system administrator can either initiate a manual or automatic recovery routine.
  • Load Balancing: With the system in the "dual active" configuration, both servers share the workload. This results in improved network efficiency and utilization.
  • Manual Failover: GalaxyVisions' HA Cluster solution can be configured for automatic and/or manual failover. Manual failover is useful when one of the servers needs to be taken offline for maintenance, troubleshooting or upgrades without causing any interruption to users.
  • Automatic Notification: When problems occur, GalaxyVisions HA Cluster solution will automatically notify a pre-selected group via email, SMS, pagers or fax.

Hardware Requirements

  • Dell or HP dual- or quad-core servers
  • SCSI or Fiber Channel disk array
  • 10 megabit per second/100Mbps/1000Mbps Ethernet

Software Requirements

  • OS: Unix, Windows or Linux
  • Applications: SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange and more.

Contact GalaxyVisions today for an assessment of your current setup and a quote for transferring it to GV's HA Cluster solution. Don't risk leaving your employees, customers and business in business in the dark!

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