Off-Site Data Storage Solutions w/ 24/7 Support

Never put all your eggs in one basket. This timeless advice applies especially to your organization's valuable data. With GalaxyVisions' Off-Site Data Storage Solutions, you can spread company's mission-critical data across multiple data centers - simply, efficiently and affordably.

GalaxyVisions' storage facilities in Manhattan and Brooklyn not only meet but also exceed environmental storage standards. This includes stringent security, strict temperature/humidity controls and other measures to achieve the highest life expectancy for your data. In addition, GalaxyVisions performs regular inspections to make sure everything is ready if and when our customers need it. We also ensure that your backup data have all the OS, recovery software and other applications needed to restore your systems quickly in the event of a disaster.

That's why GalaxyVisions offers off-site data storage solutions so that critical information isn't located at just one data center - and vulnerable if something should happen at that facility.

With GalaxyVisions affordable Off-Site Data Storage Solutions, you will:

  • Maximize the speed and reliability of recovery
  • Maximize the restoration of data
  • Minimize the burden on your administrative and management teams

With data stored off-site, GalaxyVisions will regularly transfer your data sets to the facility and manage your backup rotation between our sites. This gives you the added protection of security your data across multiple geographic locations and mitigates the risk that a disaster of any sort will leave you unprotected.

GalaxyVisions takes extra precautions to make sure that your data is safe from hackers, business rivals or other unauthorized eyes. Besides using secure connections, GalaxyVisions' facilities protected 24 hours a day, seven days a week from unauthorized access. Nobody gets inside without a keycard and a biometric scan. Every inch of our data centers are also monitored constantly by closed circuit TV cameras.

The amount of data generated by business is growing exponentially every day - as is the business impact if there should be a catastrophic failure, natural disaster or corruption. Contact GalaxyVisions today for an assessment of your data situation and vulnerabilities. Our affordable, secure off-site storage solutions will ensure that your data - and your business - will always be available when you, your employees and your customers need it.

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