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Disasters happen, and there’s little you can do but be prepared. The best way to do that is to have a disaster recovery plan in place for your infrastructure and your data before it is needed. That way, your company can continue to operate and won’t be another casualty.  There are many approaches to disaster recovery (DR), but two themes are consistent across all of them: A site that’s located away from your primary operations and has enough connectivity to support your business in a worst-case scenario.

For more than a decade, GalaxyVisions has been providing disaster recovery solutions encompassing data storage, replication, clustering and recovery. Our expertise with hard drives, removable memory cards, tapes or Exchange server backup and replication is well-known in the industry.

Managed Disaster Recovery Services from GalaxyVisions will help you reduce or avoid revenue losses; protect your mission-critical data by leveraging our infrastructure and support services; reduce downtime and increase employee productivity; enable you to resume business and employee activities more quickly and cost-effectively following a disaster or other unplanned interruption.

GalaxyVisions can help you design the best disaster-recovery solution for your enterprise. With our state-of-the-art datacenter and its unparalleled connectivity, you can rest assured that your backup operations are ready to take over in the event of a disaster at your primary site. GalaxyVisions' data center offers more than 9 Gbps of world-class connectivity from an array of hand-picked Tier 1 carriers. It’s connected to two electrical grids, has its own power substation and maintains massive diesel generators on premise. In addition, the data center is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Our first-class engineers and customer support personnel will be ready to help with setting up, maintaining and activating your disaster recovery site.

Besides offering you a reliable second site, GalaxyVisions' consultants can help you design an affordable and reliable DR solution based on your specific requirements. There are three types of disaster-recovery options:

 • Cold sites are rented space with power, cooling and connectivity. They’re ready to accept equipment when it’s needed. This is a relatively inexpensive option but should only be considered if your operations can be down while the cold site is made operational.

 • Hot sites are duplicate data centers with the entire infrastructure that’s needed to take over should a disaster impact your primary site of operations. For seamless switching from your primary to your failover site, consider real-time data synchronization.

• Warm sites are a mix of hot and cold sites. The hardware and connectivity will be there, but data will have to be restored from backups. In this situation, storage might be shared among several data center customers and will be used only when needed.

Why work with GalaxyVisions for your disaster recovery needs?

• Reliable, direct network connections built with Tier 1 backbone providers for maximum performance when you need it.

 • Uninterruptable power from two separate utilities, plus our own N+2 diesel generators and two fully redundant Liebert UPS AC backup systems.

 • State-of-the-art security that includes biometric scanners, keycards and CCTV coverage.

 • An unparalleled commitment to the best customer service and support at affordable prices.

While you do not want your DR site to be in the same location as your primary site, you also want it to be accessible to your staff. If your primary site is in Manhattan, GalaxyVisions offers the perfect solution. Our 50,000-square-foot data center is located across the East River in Manhattan. It has ample free parking and is within walking distance of the New York City subways – a convenience that New Jersey data centers can’t offer.

Finally, GalaxyVisions gives you room to grow. Because we own our data center, we can offer you unprecedented flexibility as your disaster recovery plan evolves over time. Whether you need more racks, more gear or more connectivity, we can help.

A number of variables determine what option is best for your organization. GalaxyVisions' expert team of DR engineers can help you decide what will work best for your company’s situation. For more information on GalaxyVisions' DR solutions, please contact Sales at 1.800.645.0321 or email us.

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