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The health care industry is undergoing a revolution in how it handles patient records and other data. Disappearing very quickly are the rooms filled with medical charts and patient histories. In their place are servers that seamlessly and securely deliver information as soon as it’s needed. Hospitals, doctors’ offices, insurance companies and others in the health care industry are discovering the efficiencies of the digital age. They’re also finding out about the costs and challenges.

That’s where GalaxyVisions can help. It’s a HIPAA-certified hosting provider that offers the best customer service and lowest prices without sacrificing reliability or security.  Its data center is certified to be compliant by an outside auditing firm with the strict federal standards established by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

With a decade of experience in Internet hosting, GalaxyVisions is ready to provide solutions for:View of Keyboard

• Health care facilities
• Life sciences organizations
• Health care providers
• Managed care facilities
• Specialized hospitals
• Assisted living centers
• Pharmacies
• Electronic medical record (EMR) repositories

The Challenge

The rapid digitization of medical records and other health care data opens up new opportunities for efficient, cost-effective patient care. But it also creates new expenses and headaches for professionals who want to devote their time to caring for people, not for servers. Doctors’ offices want easy access to patient records but don’t want to host the infrastructure. Hospitals are all about running efficiently, but don’t like the overhead of maintaining a data center or a backup in case of disaster.

At the same time, new health care laws are taking effect with huge bonuses for health care professionals who take the jump into the 21st century. The Affordable Care Act alone makes $6.5 billion in incentives for providers to modernize.

With infrastructure hosted with GalaxyVisions, you can make the leap securely and cost-effectively. Whether you need just a single virtual server or are looking for physical machines, GalaxyVisions has a solution for you that’s backed up by an experienced team and service level agreements. Spend more time caring for patients, not servers. The cost savings is substantial, and the impact on patient care and efficiency is immediate.

GalaxyVisions Solutions

Whether it’s storing medical records in a secure environment or running applications, GalaxyVisions has low-cost solutions for all sectors of the health-care industry:

-          Hospitals: GalaxyVisions’ hosting solutions are highly secure and highly available – exactly what is needed by hospitals. Plans range from affordable virtual private servers to powerful dedicated servers that can be used for secure storage or to power mission-critical applications.

-          Physician networks: GalaxyVisions’ hosting plans are not only affordable and secure but also can grow with your network. As new members join, your hosting solution can scale up without the hassle that’s common with national hosting providers.

-          Doctors’ offices: GalaxyVisions’ hosting solutions can convert your paper-based office into a state-of-the-art health care practice. With secure, reliable and affordable solutions, your practice and patients will enjoy the efficiency and convenience of electronic health records.

GalaxyVisions’ 50,000-square-foot facility has undergone rigorous testing by an independent auditor to ensure it is fully compliant with federal regulations.

How GalaxyVisions Stands Out

As a HIPAA-complaint Internet host, GalaxyVisions provides extensive security at its state-of-the-art data center. All servers are also protected by redundant power, connectivity and cooling. GalaxyVisions also has nearly a decade of experience in hosting – and has experts available 24 hours a day to assist with your needs.

GalaxyVisions also proactively monitors its clients’ solutions for everything from database response time and network connectivity to disk space usage and hardware performance. Its Network Operations Center is online 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure high availability and reliability. Clients also have a choice for alerting when there is a problem with performance, bandwidth and other metrics.

GalaxyVisions’ hosting solutions provide:

-          Rock-solid Service Level Agreements

-          Technical support personnel who are familiar with the specific requirements of medical hosting.

-          Custom service to meet the specific needs of your application

-          Managed service plans to minimize the amount of time spent configuring and maintaining servers.

-          The highest-quality hardware for your specific needs.


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