Data Center Roof Rights | NY-Based at Affordable Prices

Customers who need access both to the airwaves and a fast, direct fiber network can mount antennas and satellite dishes atop GalaxyVisions' 12-story building, which is located just minutes away from the heart of New York City. Data to and from rooftop antennas is securely routed through private conduits that run directly into the 50,000-square-foot datacenter.

  • GalaxyVisions is one of the very few hosting providers in the New York Tri-State area that has full roof rights at its data center
  • The roof has unobstructed views of the sky as well as Manhattan, New Jersey, Long Island, Staten Island and Queens.


Affordable and hassle-free access to the roof of a world-class data center enables a number of solutions that are not possible at other facilities. Here’s a sampling of how some customers  are taking advantage of GalaxyVisions' rooftop rights:

  • Video: Businesses that need to receive or send video via satellite, and retransmit over the Internet, save money and time by collocating with GalaxyVisions. That’s because their servers are below the satellite dishes on the roof. There’s no need to send raw video over long-distance fiber connections, resulting in both a cost and time savings.
  • Fiber-Like Wireless Access: Businesses in office buildings without access to fiber can still get a multi-gigabit link to GalaxyVisions using wireless point-to-point data communications over microwave, radio or laser frequencies.
  • Disaster Recovery: A solid DR plan will have multiple routes from the primary site of operations to the backup data center. GalaxyVisions' rooftop access enables customers to bypass traditional carriers and use wireless to continue operations from its data center — even if the fiber to the main office is lost.

Many data centers also require customers to negotiate with building owners before installing equipment, at GalaxyVisions you can rest assured that your equipment will get installed without hassle because you only have to work with us.

In all, GalaxyVisions has 40,000 square feet of rooftop available to support everything from single satellite dishes to high-powered multi-directional antenna arrays. Because the datacenter is in Brooklyn, it’s not surrounded by a canyon of taller buildings and offers a full view of the sky for customers who need a clear view of satellites. GalaxyVisions' roof also offers a spectacular, unobstructed view of the Manhattan skyline – and buildings in all other directions as well.

GalaxyVisions’ promise to beat the price of any data center in the New York metropolitan area extends to its rooftop as well.  For more information on GalaxyVisions' Antenna Colocation, please contact Sales at 1.800.645.0321 or email us.

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