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Many people say that the key to succeeding in business is through constant improvement and innovation, the ability to keep up with the ever-changing trends in the industry. So if you ever notice why some of your competitors enjoy more attention and interest than you do, you better move fast and find out the answer before its too late. Complacency has certainly no room in the highly aggressive world of business. GalaxyVisions provides corporate branding and logo design services to create a unique corporate identity for your business. Whether you want a new look or you haven't established one yet, GalaxyVisions will guide you through a discovery process that will provide our design team with the information they need to create for you a corporate identity that distinguishes your company from your competitors and leaves a memorable association with your potential customers.


Custom Logo Design

With many custom logo design options on and offline there are many things to consider. Many online custom logo design companies use clipart or recycle their logo designs. Imagine publishing your custom logo design and finding out the graphic logo used was a piece of clipart, or someone else had the exact same logo design. With GalaxyVisions you can be rest assured that all the logo design samples and ideas are custom logo designs every time.

No clipart, no recycling, all custom logo designs!

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Why is a Custom Logo Design Important?

Contrary to what others believe, a logo is not just an ordinary symbol that represents your business. Such assumption could potential render the conceptualization of company logo as ineffective. To be able to maximize it to its fullest potential, a corporate branding logo design should be treated as an important communication tool that you can use to interact with consumers. Use your company logo to convey your companys message, to project a competent and highly capable company and most importantly would efficiently educate the consumers what is the nature of your products or services.

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Is a Custom Logo Design my brand?

Many people think that a logo design firms job is to build their brand. This is far from the truth. A logo design firms responsibility is to develop an identity with the custom logo design developed. It is the clients job to build the brand. A brand is how your clients perceive you and your company. Not your logo design.


Why a Custom Logo Design from GalaxyVisions?

We are committed to bringing you the most effective, compelling, and usable business logo design solutions available. A custom logo design begins with an idea or a philosophy that your organization embodies; it is our job to convey every bit of that in your company logo.


Corporate Branding Design

In marketing and advertising, branding goes beyond just merely creating a strong company name, it should also ensure that people would be able to easily recall it and would stay in the periphery of the consumers minds for a long time. A powerful brand would be able to differentiate your companys products and services in a highly positive way. In effect, this will create a lingering effect on consumers, thus making them potential buyers of your products or future clients that will seek your services. The company logo is unquestionably one youre your major marketing tool to get across the message that you would want to send out.



GalaxyVisions improves the impressions their customers have of their business through powerful messaging, effective logo and corporate identity designs, persuasive and visually attractive website, and more. We help our clients find the just-right message, look, and feel to best influence their marketplaces.


All our Designers are In-House!

Many of our competitors out source their logo design work to freelance designers. Many times you aren't even able to speak directly with your logo design artists. With GalaxyVisions, you are assigned a dedicated logo design team that is available to answer any design related questions, any time. All artists with GalaxyVisions are in-house. We pride ourselves on the fact that we do not risk quality of your company logo design project by outsourcing our work. Feel safe when trusting your logo design project with GalaxyVisions.


Logo and Branding Design Process

Any logo and branding designer is capable of interpreting and fleshing out your logo design ideas, but what truly sets GalaxyVisions and it's logo designers apart from the competition is our dedication to your satisfaction and, ultimately, the success of your business through creation of a corporate identity (or logo design). The first step in ensuring this, is assigning the right in-house logo designers for your corporate logo and branding project depending on their individual strengths. Then, based on the logo design package you select, we dedicate a team of logo and branding designers to your project. This ensures that your logo and branding design will have varied drafts rather than just one interpretation from one logo designer. From there, we can revise the logo design that you like until we have a final company logo design you are completely satisfied with.

We provide both raster based logo designs and vector base logo designs to ensure you will have the right type of logo design file for any application you may encounter. The final custom logo design files will cover it all, from print use to web use, even everything you need for large format signage such as truck/van logos and billboards.

Branding a business can be one of the most difficult things and most time consuming processes a new business owner can encounter. You'll see your first logo design concepts within just 3 business days!

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