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If you build a website, people won't necessarily come. The most beautiful and easiest to use site in the world will be worth little if you have no visitors. The vast majority of traffic to most web sites comes through the three major search engines, Google, Yahoo, and MSN Live.

Since the foundation of most organizations' Internet marketing efforts starts with their Web site, we place enormous importance on search engine friendly Web development. A surprising number of Web sites inadvertently contain technological obstacles that prevent search engines from reading and therefore, including them in their search results.

Because we understand how search engines work, we can create web sites that are easy for search engines to read, understand, and list. Not only do we know what to avoid, we know how to design web sites that search engines like.

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Web Site First Impressions

First impressions are even more important online than they are offline because you will probably never get a chance for a second impression with visitors to your web site.

Poor web design can leave visitors and your potential customers with a negative impression of your organization. A Consumer Web Watch survey found that nearly half of the consumers in their study based the credibility of the Web sites they visited in part on such superficial aspects such as overall web design. The study surmises that "the visual design may be the first test of a site's credibility. If it fails on this criterion, Web users are likely to abandon the site and seek other sources of information and services."

We get the importance of first impressions throughout our web design process by considering the layout, typography, font size, and even the psychological import of the color scheme for our web site development projects.


Web Site Usability

The lightning quick speed of the Internet has made us impatient and with ubiquitous broadband adoption, we're only going to get more impatient. If a visitor to your web site can't find the information they're looking for, they'll quickly surf on. And they probably won't come back.

That same Consumer Web Watch survey found that more than a quarter of all their participants mentioned a site's overall organization when considering the credibility of a web site. They commented on how well the information on a site fit together and how easy it was to navigate. Web sites that were easy to navigate were considered more credible.

Our web design process places special emphasis on such usability factors. A well-structured site is not only easy for visitors to use, it will help in your search engine marketing efforts.


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Why You Should Avoid the "Top 10 Ranking Guaranteed"

There are only a few things in life that are "guaranteed"

  • Your money will not lose principal in a savings account that is FDIC insured.

  • 1G Gravity will accelerate objects at 9.8 meters per second squared.

  • Your mother will always love you.


Ok, well maybe two out of three are guaranteed. But what about web site placement on the search engines?

You've seen the ads: "Guaranteed Top 10 Ranking!" There are no guarantees in search engine marketing and website promotion. If anyone tells you different, you should check quickly to make sure they don't have their hand in your wallet.

Search engine marketing is qualitatively different. When you work with a search engine marketing firm to promote your website, they cannot guarantee where your listing will appear. Certainly there are types of online ads where there are guarantees in place: banner ads priced at "cost per thousand impressions", pop-up ads, and so forth. These are like traditional media buys, where you are working directly with the owner of the medium where the ads appear, but this is not search engine marketing.

Even so-called pay-per-click search engines cannot guarantee your position. In Google AdWords, for example, it is not just the price you pay for a given keyword that determines where you will rank. They also bring in other factors, including how often your ad is clicked-on, to determine which ad will be listed first. Just throwing money at them will not necessarily get you into the Number 1 spot.

The bottom line is this: search engine marketing professionals do not own the search engines. They can tell you that you will achieve Number 1 ranking on a given search engine, or they can tell you that the moon is made of green cheese, but there is no way they can make either of those happen.

Clearly, over time the focus of the search engines will vary. The best way to deal with this is to not deal with it! This means that rather than tweaking a site one way today and another way tomorrow, the best way to approach optimizing a page or a whole site is to not try to beat the system. Instead of trying to "psych-out" the search engines, why not add value to the site with GalaxyVisions's Search Engine Optimization service? A "common sense" approach to search engine optimization, looking for long term results, is the way to go. When you try to help a site rank better by making it the best it can be, everybody wins.

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What Do We Guarantee?

  • Use of website structure and technology that is easily indexed by search engines.

  • Optimization of your website navigation structure

  • Identification of appropriate keywords and key phrases

  • Assistance with development of keyword-rich content

  • Inclusion of keywords in meta titles, meta descriptions and alt tags

  • Use of World Wide Web (WC3) compliant, CSS/ html validated code. Click images below to validate this page code with W3C validation service:

Valid XHTML Valid CSS
  • Manual submission to major search engines: Google, Yahoo, MSN Live Search

  • Website traffic analysis. Your website will be integrated with the world's best web analytics system: Google Analytics

  • Integration with Google's flagship advertising product AdWords

  • Appropriate use of flash animations and images


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