5 Benefits of Using Dedicated Servers

Posted by Administrator on Fri, May 09th, 2014

While there are many hosting solutions available to companies who are just starting, especially cheaper priced shared hosting solutions, dedicated servers are definitely the right answer for your growing business if you already have or plan to have significant traffic. Here are 5 benefits of having your own dedicated hosting plan:

1. Reliability
While shared hosting solutions are generally reliable, there are a ton more unknowns happening on the same box as your website at any given time. Due to the fact that many sites are being hosted using the same resources, a sudden surge of traffic or resource demand on one site can mean significant performance loss and costly outages or missed sales for your business. Having a dedicated server guarantees resources are always available to your site, allowing your business to remain unaffected by other websites hosted nearby.

2. Root Access
Ah yes. The holy grail! Having your own segregated server grants you heightened access privileges that otherwise wouldn’t be available to you. This gives you the ability to customize your server anyway you wish - whether it’s building an nginx reverse proxy, or launching your own private minecraft box, or configuring your applications just the way you want, having your own dedicated server gives you the ability to make or break your setup anyway you want.

3. Enhanced Support
We believe strongly in giving 110% to our customers, which is why we offer a managed tier of service to all of our customers with dedicated hosting packages. This means a 365/24/7 support team of rockstars who are in the data center and on site to help with your issues day or not - patches, physical restarts, enhanced reporting, carrier neutral network backbone - it’s all included at no additional cost.

4. Increased Performance
Generally speaking, dedicated resources will mean a big boost to site and application performance over traditional shared hosting solutions. Granted there are always factors that influence this, not competing with the same resources from many other different sites during peak hours is going to always mean an instant win for your customers. If you go with a dedicated VPS, now you’ve got the power to scale on an as needed basis while leveraging the power of virtualization technology.

5. Privacy
Don’t let the guy next door open up major security flaws that could impact your business. Having root access on your own dedicated server means you can ensure proper security, user roles, user groups, and file/folder permissions along with firewall rules are configured correctly, and as stringently as needed for your businesses specific needs. If you handle sensitive information, then you need the added security that you simply cannot get on a shared hosting plan.

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