Is a linux VPS right for you?

Posted by Administrator on Fri, May 02nd, 2014

Are you more Microsoft or are you more Linux? Not sure which software platform to build your web empire on? Here are 5 reasons we think a Linux VPS is the right choice for your business -

All of the Microsoft fans out there are going feel a sudden urge of rage about this point, but the fact of the matter is that Linux is far and above a much more stable platform for you to build your web services on top of. Built on unix, and incredibly standardized, Linux as an operating system is built on one of the most widely used, widely banged against and field tested server operating systems in the world. While Microsoft has definitely made leaps and bounds in creating a more secure platform that isn’t needing a new hot-fix every 2 or 3 days, Linux has been operating at a more stable level of performance for a much longer time.

There’s no arguing it. Linux is the most efficient, powerful operating system on the planet. In 1999, an open-source linux cluster beat a Cray supercomputer at the Linux World Expo. Cray, being known as the most powerful supercomputers on the market, and being the compute center deployed at the NSA’s new datacenter, had it’s computational power and scalability met by IBM using open-source linux compute nodes. Does Cray have it’s own proprietary benefits? Sure. But if you’re just looking for stable, scalable, unbeatable power that’s built on software that’s free, then a linux vps is the choice for you.

As in speech and beer, Linux (most distributions) are still free, stable, and have a vibrant, active community of users who are maintaining and advancing the core at very advantageous rates and can be deployed on your vps in minutes. Depending on which flavor of Linux you go with on your vps, the amount of software that comes installed, or is available for free from various trustworthy repos is incredible. Literally thousands of applications and programs that are powerful, high quality, and enable you to do an insurmountable amount of tasks with your server are all at your fingertips from day one for free.

Linux Web Ready:
60% of all websites run Apache as their web server of choice, with a large percentage running other linux based web server technologies. On top of that, virtualization technologies, massively distributed compute libraries like Hadoop, RDBMS systems that are used by some of the most prominent tech companies in the world are running on Linux distros. That says a lot not only about the software, but also about it’s fast and adaptive ability to meet the needs of developers nationwide, largely due to it being open source. Open source software, when you look at the startup market, is clearly the future - does Microsoft’s closed-source software fit in the future?

Microsoft Isn’t Web Ready (still):
Most will say it’s a matter of opinion, but the truth of the matter is that when we analyze the growing startup community, and the explosive advancement of online technologies, the thing we find over and over again is that the majority of these companies aren’t launching on Windows machines. They’re launching on Linux machines. Prominent (and quickly growing) technologies like MongoDB, nginx, and Tornado were all built with Linux machines in mind for this reason - Windows still isn’t ready. Windows can technically be setup to run Python, PHP, MySQL, NodeJS, and the like, but the performance and security still aren’t there (not to mention IIS’s implementation of PHP is still wonky).

So where do you see yourself in the web future? Betting on technologies like Linux that are paving the way for our high-tech future, or Microsoft servers that are still operating close source, creativity, explorative binding software solutions?

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