GalaxyVisions Newsletter Issue #1 Friday, October 29, 2010
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GalaxyVisions Power Upgrades
GalaxyVisions Recognized on's Prestigious Inc. 5000 List
GalaxyVisions is Going Green
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GalaxyVisions News
GalaxyVisions would like to introduce this quarter's featured partner Velstar. Founded in 2004, Velstar is a global telecom, energy, and cost management agency. We offer a robust portfolio of voice, data/IP, and energy solutions from over (40+) world-class providers for wholesale telecom and commercial, enterprise markets. Our job is to understand your needs and provide you with the best solutions at the best prices. Simply Put, We Solve Problems!
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Welcome to the first issue of Sphere, GalaxyVisions' quarterly newsletter. We are kicking off the fourth quarter of 2010 with exciting news of our growth and expansion.

We have had a tremendous year and would like to thank our valued clients for your continued business. Our aim is to deliver a data center facility that provides the very best to our clients; unmatched customer service, reliability, and cutting-edge solutions. In support of this goal our team has been working hard to enhance our New York data center facility with state-of-the-art technology so that your critical data and applications are protected and secure.

For further details on our latest projects, please read the excerpts below. For a complete list of our services, please visit our website at

As always; GalaxyVisions values your business and looks forward to maximizing your business growth in 2011.

Ruben Magurdumov
Vice President

GalaxyVisions Power Upgrades

Over the past two months, the GalaxyVisions team has embarked on a major power project that will enhance our data center greatly by providing maximum stability for our clients.

  • We designed our new infrastructure to be completely separate from the building's power as well as their backup generator. With our new dedicated power-lines and our own first high-capacity generator, we will be able to maximize uptime and stability going forward.
  • We have also purchased a second generator, which will be installed shortly and will give the data center N+2 back-up power redundancy.

Since some of the most important aspects of a data center are the power and redundancy it can provide to its clients taking these steps wasn't optional for GalaxyVisions, it was mandatory. Our data center now is on par with any major competitor in all aspects except for one, pricing. One of our biggest advantages of being located in Brooklyn, New York is that we are able to bring a truly world class facility to serve our valued clients, without the big price tag. We purposely designed our pricing to be very competitive without sacrificing on quality of service in areas such as technical support and overall customer satisfaction. Our goal is to always surpass other data centers by leaps and bounds.

We are proud to deliver these expanded capabilities as it will now provide clients with worry-free server rental and colocation. Aside from our already spectacular network, we have raised the bar in the power department and truly made GalaxyVisions a smart choice.

If you're looking for somewhere to rent or host a few racks or servers check out With multiple custom solutions being provided such as Virtual Private Servers (VPS's), dedicated server rental or colocation, customers can expect a fantastic experience. Paired with responsive support queues, experienced in-house administrators, and friendly customer service you can be assured your stay at GalaxyVisions will be beyond satisfactory.

GalaxyVisions Recognized on's Prestigious Inc. 5000 List

GalaxyVisions is the recipient of one of Inc. 5000 List,Fastest Growing Private Companies in America Award. Ranked number 1,784 on the prestigious Inc. 5000 List, GalaxyVisions, is recognized for its strong and continued company growth of 154% over a three year period. As a daily online resource for entrepreneurs, ranked businesses according to percentage of growth from 2006-2009.

"We are excited to be recognized as an Inc. 5000 leader in the private company sector," states Ray Sidler, CEO of GalaxyVisions. "Our strong commitment to providing unmatched customer service and flexible, robust solutions is evident by our year over year continued growth."

Want to know more? Read the complete press release here.

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GalaxyVisions is Going Green

GalaxyVisions realizes the importance of energy efficiency and environmentally friendly servers and has decided to utilize Green Energy Efficient Servers to power all of their Virtual Private Servers (VPS). GalaxyVisions VPS's utilize the latest in virtualization technology along with providing power, flexibility, disaster recovery and isolation to its users. GalaxyVisions VPS's offers the ability to install any software and configure your account to meet your specific needs.

For more information on GalaxyVisions VPS, click here.

Industry News

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GalaxyVisions News

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