Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting
Shared Hosting
$5.99 USD Monthly
$17.07 USD Quarterly
$32.35 USD Semi-Annually
$57.50 USD Annually

Shared Hosting w/ 24/7 Support & Great Prices

Perfect if you're just starting out, GalaxyVisions' Shared Hosting plan will get your site online quickly - and without breaking your budget. Whether you're setting up a personal site or establishing a simple Web presence for your business, GalaxyVisions' solution is an affordable on-ramp to the information superhighway. Our shared hosting plan also supports numerous add-ons, including the popular blogging platform WordPress.

Shared hosting typically uses a web-based control panel system, such as cPanel, Plesk, and/or H-Sphere. In shared hosting, the provider is generally responsible for managing servers, installing server software, security updates, technical support, and other aspects of the service. Most servers are based on the unix operating system but some providers offer Microsoft Windows-based or FreeBSD-based solutions. For example, Plesk control panel is available for two operating systems, unix and Windows. Versions for either OS have very similar interfaces and functionality, with the exception of OS-specific differences (for example, ASP.NET or Microsoft SQL Server support under Windows, and typically greater security and stability under unix).

What’s included

Customer reviews


What's included in GalaxyVisions' Shared Hosting plan

  • 3000MB disk space
  • 300GB/month bandwidth
  • Shared SSL
  • 5 add-on domains
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • cPanel website control system
  • Unlimited subdomains
  • Password protected directories
  • Custom error pages
  • Web-based file manager
  • FTP access
  • Server side includes (SSI)
  • FrontPage 2002/2003 Extensions
  • FrontPage HTTP raw log file access
  • MIME type handler modification
  • Apache handler modification
  • Ability to modify MX entries
  • Webalizer site statistics
  • AwStats site statistics
  • ASite backup utility
  • Customizable PHP configuration
  • Domain name unlimited
  • Unlimited domain parking
  • Unlimited domain pointers
  • Unlimited email inboxes
  • Unlimited email forwarders
  • Unlimited email auto-responders
  • POP3 and IMAP support
  • Port 25 and 26 SMTP service
  • NeoMail Web-based email access
  • Horde Web-based email access
  • Squirrel Mail Web-based email access
  • Catch-all address support
  • Customizable email filtering
  • Spam-Assassin spam solution
  • Additional 2GB bandwidth *
  • Additional 400MB storage *
  • Additional 50GB bandwidth *
  • Static IP*
  • Bring your own SSL certificate*


* Additional fees may apply

A selection of reviews from current customers

"I have been on the web for the past 25+ years and has easily surpassed any support from anyone in the past, absolutely outstanding. Hats off to all of those who work for GalaxyVisions, your boss should be proud. I am actively going to promote your services as I am in the domain business and consistently have hourly contact with those who need such a setup as yours." - Mark Maloney

"Very competitive prices, uptime very good, but great customer service - they went the extra mile for me which was greatly appreciated. A host who does care about customers!" - Mark Burley

"What a breath of fresh air! Their support is excellent and I love the fact that I have the option to call and talk with someone instead of going back and forth for hours via e-mail. They are quick, friendly, and unlike my old host they are competent." - Daniel


New to Web hosting? Don't worry. Here are some frequently asked questions about GalaxyVisions' Shared Hosting and the tools for managing your site.

» I uploaded My Files But Still See Your Page. Why?
» How Can I Upload My Site?
» How Do I Use Cute Ftp To Upload Files?
» How Do I Use Ws_ftp To Upload Files?
» How Do I Create A New Email Account?
» I Can't Send Email Via Your Server. What's Wrong?
» How Do I Access Webmail With My Browser?
» What Is The Path To The Perl Interpreter?
» What Is The Path To Sendmail?
» Where Do I Put Cgi Scripts?
» How Do I Use Formmail?

Q: I uploaded my files but still see your page. Why?

If our welcome page (index.shtml) has not been replaced by another index page, then anyone going to will still see the default welcome page. This is the order in which the web server looks for a page to put up as the "home" page: default.htm -> index.phtml -> index.php -> index.cgi -> index.shtml -> index.shtml -> welcome.cgi -> welcome.html -> index.htm.
If you have named your page "index.htm", just delete the index.shtml file and anything after it in this list. You page will display automatically. Noe that "home.html" is NOT on the list. That means it will not show up as your home page. You need to rename it.

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Q: How do I upload my site?

Unless you have FrontPage Extensions on your site, you'll be using the control panel's File Manager to view directories and files in your account. You'll also use File Manager to  change permissions for directories and files, create directories, create and edit files, and upload files from your hard drive to your account.

If you would like to use another FTP client for uploading files to your site, we highly recommend WS_FTP . When the FTP client asks for a hostname or address, enter your IP ADDRESS until your domain name is indexed by the registry (which can take up to one week). Your files and sub-directories go into your public HTML directory.

There are several ways to transfer files to your account directory using FTP  (File Transfer Protocol). You have unlimited FTP access 24 hours a day. To upload your files to your account without using the File Manager in your Control Panel, you need an FTP program.

For the PC users, visit: to download the newest version of WS_FTP LE for the PC, one of the most popular FTP programs. For the Macintosh, use "Fetch." Visit: to download the latest version of Fetch.

Point your FTP program to The FTP client will also ask for a username or login name and password. Make sure that Anonymous is not checked and Host Type selected is UNIX STANDARD). Once logged in, you will see several directories, cgi-bin, ftp, and public_html. If you have any scripts such as CGI's that need to be executable, place them in the cgi-bin directory. You can link to these files from pages stored in your HTML directory, e.g. /cgi-bin/filename.cgi. Text and image files must be in the the public_html directory.

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Q: How do I use Cute FTP to upload files?

When Cute FTP is loaded the first time, a window will appear. If it does not, press the F4 key. Click on Personal FTP Sites and then click on "Add Site". Add the following to the FTP Site Edit window:
-Virtual domain users should enter their domain name in Host Address
-All users must enter their username and password in the appropriate boxes
-Make sure Login type is Normal
-Do not add anything to the Initial Remote Directory Box
To download Cute FTP or for more information, visit:
you can download the Cute FTP user's guide here:

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Q: How do I use WS_FTP to upload files?

When WS_FTP is loaded the first time, a window will appear listing stored FTP locations. If the window doesn't appear, click on Connect.

Click on New and add one of the following to the Session Profile window,:
- Virtual domain users should enter their IP Address
- All users must enter their username and password in the appropriate boxes, Leave blank the Account and Remote Host boxes,
- Make sure the Anonymous Login box is not checked!,
- Click on Save and then OK.

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Q: How do I create a new email account?

Go to http://yourdomain/cpanel -> Add / Remove accounts. Click "Add Account" and type the username and the password. Click "Create"

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Q: I can't send email via your server. What's wrong?
Our SMTP servers are configured as secure relays. This means that you cannot simply reference "" as an Outgoing mail server unless you successfully log in via one of your POP3 accounts at "" This is a mandatory setting to prevent spammers from using our mail servers for unsolicited email. If you are getting a "relaying prohibited" or "disconnected by administrator" error, it means that you haven't logged into the POP3 server at your domain before you tried to send through the SMTP server at your domain. To log in, you need to check for mail first.

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Q: How do I access Webmail?

Go to (Replace with your actual domain name). Log in with the POP3 account username ( and password that you set up in your control panel via the mail menu..

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Q: What is the path to the Perl interpreter?

The path to the perl interpreter is: /usr/bin/perl.

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Q: What is the path to Sendmail?

The path to sendmail is: /usr/lib/sendmail.

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Q: Where do I put CGI scripts?

Put your cgi-bin scripts in the public_html subdirectory named "cgi-bin".

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Q: How Do I Use Formmail?

FormMail-clone is a clone of Matt Wright's FormMail.cgi with a less restrictive license. It should behave almost exactly as FormMail.cgi, but it is completely written from scratch so there might be a few minor visual differences. The FormMail CGI script is already configured on our server for your account.

From your control panel, click CGI Center and there you will find the location of FormMail. An example of the correct permission to use for setting up the "action" of your form is: (if your domain ends with .net, .org, or .other, then substitute the correct extension when setting up your form "action"). The "method" to select for your form is POST. For a tutorial on using FormMail, go to

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